Third Year Project | UoM AR

Browse and discover the University of Manchester campus places like never before!

UoM AR Guide is an iOS app that helps Manchester students discover and search for places in their campus. The app uses Augmented Reality technology and Maps along with other frameworks to provide the best student guide experience. Enjoy!

Features & Details

Built for explorers and good students who want to get to lectures!

Camera and AR+

Look around using your phone camera and discover a new world. Many campus places are at your fingertips now.


Navigate to places such that you know exactly wich streets and paths you take. Find the library or a new supermarket easier and faster.


Trouble finding the lecture building? No problem! The app is there to help. Just search for it and see where it is in the camera view.


Lecture buildings, Students' Union, restaurants, cafes or even points of interest will be easier to find now.

Offline & Online

We all had internet connection problems especially during freshers. Worry no more as the app will have an offline database and will update only when there's a stable connection.

Easy to use

Successful apps are not crowded with features. They are easy to use and provide a nice user experience. This is one of the app's guidelines.

Gallery showing UoM AR in action

Explore and enjoy the campus. Be ahead of time!





Manchester, United Kingdom

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